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Death Battle Analysis - Mega Man
Death Battle Analysis – Mega Man
Background: Standing at 4’4” (132 cm) and weighing 230 lbs (105 kg), Rock was built by Dr. Thomas Light to act as his lab assistant, who gave him a Serial Number of DLN-001. In actuality, Rock was Light’s second advanced-AI robot after the first went rouge. Anyways, in the year 200X, a new age of robotics, heralded by Dr. Thomas Light and his partner Dr. Albert Wily, was dawning, with the two of them planning to launch mankind into a new age of prosperity. In order to do this, they created six robots, known as Robot Masters, to do things that were too dangerous for people (such as cutting down trees and bringing down building). However, Wily was jealous of Light’s increasing notoriety, stealing all of his robots in an attempt to take over the world as a result. The only two that were left were Rock himself and his sister Roll, who was built for housekeeping. However, Wily would regret that mistake about ten times over (give
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Death Battle Analysis - Tifa Lockhart
Death Battle Analysis – Tifa Lockhart
Background: Standing at 5’5” (162 cm) and with her weight unknown, Tifa Lockhart is the 23-year-old owner of the 7th Heaven bar. Tifa was born May 3rd in the two of Nibelheim, which at first glance looks to appear calm and peaceful, not worth a second look. That is until a man known as Sephiroth came to the town and found his alien mother Jenova hidden inside. As a result, he then burned her hometown to ashes, as well as killed her parents. Afterwards, Tifa then AVALANCHE, a group that was dedicated the planet from ecological harm…and meteors. Afterwards, she was thrust into maintaining the hidden AVALANCHE homebase 7th Heaven. She was trained by Zangan and her blood type is B.
Limit Break: Ready to throw down at any minute (as she’s always wearing leather gloves), Tifa is a Feint Brawler who is adept at surprising foes with quick and powerful strikes, and when traveling with her friend Cloud Strife to save the planet,
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Death Battle Analysis - Yang Xiao Long
Death Battle Analysis – Yang Xiao Long
Background: The world of Remnant is a bit insane, with vicious creatures called Grimm running wild, entire cities going to waste, and with every single weapon being a gun…even nunchucks. Thankfully, however, the world is protected by an elite group of expertly trained warriors known as the Huntsmen and Huntresses. And where else would you go to train to become one than high school. One student in particular is Yang Xiao long, a 17-year-old who stands at 5’7” and with an unknown weight. After losing her mother to mysterious circumstances, she was trained her whole life by her hero legend of an Uncle Qrow Branwen, later being accepted into Beacon Academy (which is a lot like Hogwarts, except with swords, sniper rifles, and giant transforming scythes). A natural fighter and thrill-seeker at heart, she fit right in and soon found herself a member of the color coordinated team known as RWBY, which was led by her younger half-sis
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Death Battle Analysis - Dan Hibiki
Death Battle Analysis – Dan Hibiki
Background: Standing at 5’10” (177 cm) and weighing 163 lbs (74 kg), Dan Hibiki was born on November 25th in Hong Kong. Although Dan had no natural talent in fighting people, his father, Go Hibiki, was a martial artist with his own dojo. One day, Go’s dojo was visited by Sagat (who was an enforcer of the crime syndicate Shadaloo). As Go was an advocate of justice, he refused to be intimidated by the crime lord and stood up to him the only way he knew how…by kicking his eye out. In response, Sagat brutally beat him to death in front of his son (you would think that would teach you to mess with a 7’4” Muay Thai monster…it didn’t). An enraged and distraught Dan swore that he would avenge his father’s death, and to do so he sought out a legendary dojo hidden in the wilderness of Japan, and found it against all odds. There, he was trained by its master Gouken (the very mentor who taught Ryu and Ke
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Death Battle Analysis - Hercule Satan
Death Battle Analysis – Hercule Satan
Background: Standing at 6’2” (188 cm) and weighing 200 lbs (94 kg), Hercule Satan is the “Undisputed” Martial Arts Champion of the World and the chosen savior of humanity (or so he would have you believe). However, before he was the “Hero of the People”, Mr. Satan went by…Mark. Mark was eager to learn, and sought out the art of combat. He honed his skills in the Dojo known as Satan Castle. It turns out that he was naturally gifted in martial arts, which was mostly due to his strangely good luck. For example, he only won his first World Championship after his rival got food poisoning (totally not suspicious at all). With his victory in hand, Mark took on the stage name Mr. Satan in honor of his Dojo (and to sound better for the cameras), with his victories and explosive personality quickly rocketing him to a life of wealth, fame, and luxury, becoming one of the richest people in the world. This almost
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Death Battle Analysis - Raiden
Death Battle Analysis – Raiden
Background: Standing at approximately 5’10 (177.8 cm) and with his weight unknown, Jack was born in Liberia. There, he lost his parents and was adopted by George Sears, the future president of the United States. However, Sears was actually Solidus Snake, a traitor who manipulated the world leaders to profit from the war economy. He is also the man who killed Jack’s parents, and being the PERFECT parent he is, he then enlisted Jack in the Liberian Civil War, where he then became the captain of his own commando unit in the military group known as the Army of the Devil. There, he became a natural harbinger of death, with his high kill count earning him the nickname Jack the Ripper (along the years, he would later earn other nicknames such as White Devil, Snake, and Mr. Lightning Bolt), and he was only 10 YEARS OLD. After he was abandoned by Solidus, he fell for a girl named Rose and got her pregnant. Tormented by his past life and seeking t
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Death Battle Analysis - Wolverine
Death Battle Analysis – Wolverine
Background: Standing at 5’3” (160 cm) and weighing 300 lbs (1361.1 kg), James Howlett was born in 1886, where he was sick most of the time. But as he grew up, he began to develop mutant powers, giving him animal senses and a rapid healing factor. But when the family groundskeeper known as Thomas Logan murder his father, James learned that he had a more…lethal power hidden within him. This power was retractable bone claws, which he used to stab Thomas to death. Thomas then used his dying breath to tell James that he was, in fact, his father. James, taking on the name Logan to hide his identity, then ran away from home with his childhood friend Rose…who he then accidentally stabbed to death as well. As his healing age slowed down his aging, Logan has lived over 137+ years, fighting in both World Wars and the Vietnam War before joining the special weapons project known as Weapon X. Here, he took on the name The Wolverine. How
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Death Battle Analysis - Knuckles the Echidna
Death Battle Analysis – Knuckles the Echidna
Background: Standing at 3’7” (110 cm) and weighing 88 lbs (48 kg), Knuckles the Echidna is the sole survivor of the Echidna race. Over 4,000 years ago, the Echidna race prospered due to their advanced technology and talent for warfare. As they were desperate for the power to control the world, the Knuckles tribe staged a raid to obtain the legendary power of the Master Emerald. However, they didn’t know that it was protected by a creature named Chaos, who then proceeded to kill all of them. Somehow, a young echidna girl survived, managing to seal Chaos inside the Master Emerald. The energy outburst that resulted for it ripped the echidnas’ home into the sky to become Angel Island, where it perpetually floated as long as the emerald remained in its shrine. Centuries later, one final descendant of the Knuckles clan remained, known as…Knuckles. As the lone guardian of the Master Emerald, he dedicates his life
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Death Battle Analysis - Donkey Kong
Death Battle Analysis – Donkey Kong
Background: Standing at 6’1” (185 cm (7’10” (239 cm) when upright)) and weighing over 800 lbs (363 kg), Donkey Kong is the ruler of the aptly named Donkey Kong Island, which, as stated by the Crystal Coconut, is his destiny. Long ago, there was an illegal pet gorilla known as Donkey Kong (not the same one) who did battle with abusive owner, which didn’t go so well for him. After escaping from his owner, he fled to a remote island with his son…who was also named Donkey Kong. Years later, his son would bear a child who was destined to rule the island they fled to, with his name being…you guessed it, Donkey Kong. Unlike most gorillas, Donkey Kong LOVES bananas, to the point where he’s horded hundreds of them for himself. If anybody does try to steal even one of his bananas, may God help them. Oddly enough, his enemies have been bold enough to steal his entire stockpile several times, right under his
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Doctor Who - The War
Doctor Who – The War
The Doctor sat in his TARDIS, reading a book on the stairs leading down underneath the console. The book was titled “Advanced Quantum Mechanics”. He had read the book many times before, but reread it because “When you have a time machine, you’ve pretty much read everything and you forget everything. So why not read it again?” By his foot was his black and white guitar, which was leaning on an amp, next to it musical notes for Beethoven’s 5th. He then heard footsteps behind him, turning to see his current traveling companion, Clara Oswald, carrying a rather large book in her hands.
“What’ve you got there then?” he asked her. She curled her lip at that.
“I’m…not sure you really want to know”, she worryingly replied. The Doctor then had a furrowed brow, closing his book and standing up.
“What is it?” he inquired.
“It’s nothing, honestly”, she said back.
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Sonic Legends - Season Two, Episode Five
Sonic Legends – Season Two, Episode Five
Location: Echidna Village, Angel Island, Off the coast of Old Africa
“Okay, so what the hell is going on?” Sonic asked the female Echidna. “And who are you?” She simply smiled at him.
“My name is Tikal Steele”, she replied. “Once, I lived on this Earth. Now, however, I reside in the afterlife. This is merely a projection of what I once was”.
“…Okay then”, Sonic replied. “So she’s THAT Tikal”, he thought to himself, remembering what Knuckles had said to him. “So where exactly are we?”
“Angel Island”, Tikal informed him. “This civilization is currently preparing for war”.
“Against humanity”, Sonic replied. She then looked at him, sadly nodding.
“Unfortunately, yes”, she told him. “Come”. They then began to walk around the village, noticing various Echidna’s preparing for war.
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Sonic Legends - Season Two, Episode Four
Sonic Legends – Season Two, Episode Four
Location: Outer Ice Cap, Angel Island, International Waters
“What the hell was he thinking?” Knuckles said, running through the jungle. “He doesn’t know the dangers this island holds”.
“Agreed”, Shadow replied. “We don’t know how far he went”.
“This is all my fault”, Amy sadly said. “If I hadn’t said anything he wouldn’t have ran off on his own”.
“It had to be said”, Rouge replied. “Or else it would have remained and exploded with more rage”.
“Come on he can’t be…far”, Tails started to say, stopping once they encountered what appeared to be a gigantic garden-like area.
“…You garden?” Shadow curiously asked Knuckles.
“Well, I don’t garden exactly”, Knuckles replied sighed. “The Emerald keeps the island lush with life, and as such, this garden was born from i
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Sonic Legends - Season Two, Episode Three
Sonic Legends – Season Two, Episode Three
Location: Ice Cap, Angel Island, Off the coast of Old Africa
“So can somebody explain to me how the hell this island has a frickin’ snowy mountain region on it?” Sonic exclaimed. Knuckles looked over at Sonic.
“Over the years, as the Master Emerald laid on its shrine, it began to alter the island’s regions. For example, gigantic mushrooms grew at one part of the island, whereas at another, a snowy mountain region formed”, he explained. Sonic then shook his head in disbelief, but grinned while doing so.
“If you say so”, Sonic replied. “Tails, what are you calling this place?” Tails thought about it for a moment, until coming up with a name.
“Ice Cap”, he told them. “Let’s start looking around”. Sonic and Shadow ran off into the mountains, with Rouge once again taking to the sky, and Amy and Tails looking on the ground. Knuckles, however, ran off towar
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Sonic Legends - Season Two, Episode Two
Sonic Legends – Season Two, Episode Two
Location: Mushroom Hill, Angel Island, International Waters
“If I may ask, what was the energy source for this island that kept it afloat?” Tails curiously asked Knuckles. Looking over his shoulder, Knuckles replied and said “It was an ancient relic known as the Master Emerald, master of the seven Chaos Emeralds, gems of unimaginable power. With them, you could perform miracles, or great disaster. I can only imagine that’s what the Hawk that stole it wants. A long time ago, the Emeralds were scattered around the island, each in one of the seven locations”. Sonic and the others looked a bit skeptical, but Tails was amazed by this.
“Fascinating”, Tails muttered to himself. “Let’s look around Mushroom Hill for one”. Knuckles then turned around, confused. “Mushroom what?”
“It’s a thing he does”, Rouge sighed. “Whenever he goes to a place that doesn
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Sonic Legends - Season Two, Episode One
Sonic Legends – Season Two, Episode One
Location: Master Emerald Altar, Angel Island, Off the coast of Old Africa
A storm was brewing, with thunder booming in the sky. The waves roared underneath the floating island. Its guardian, a red echidna, was not fazed by this. He was used to it at this point. The gigantic green emerald that sat on the altar glowed in the night. The Echidna guarded it with his life. Something he never hoped he would have to give in order to protect it. Unknown to him, however, is that a hawk on a hoverboard was approaching the island. He then landed on the ground, and began to move. He then saw the altar and its guardian. He then approached quietly, until the guardian shouted “Whoever’s there, come out. I can sense your aura.” Cursing to himself, he came out, and said “You’re an aura reader. Must be a good one if you can sense me in this weather.” The Echidna, unfazed by his comment, stood up and approached him. “L
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Sonic Legends - Season One, Episode Four
Sonic Legends – Season One, Episode Four
Location: West Park, Station Square, United Federation
Rouge and Sonic arrived at West Park, where the park seemed to be empty. All for except one individual.
“I see him”, Sonic told her. “Wait here”.
“Be careful”, Rouge worryingly told him. “You know what he can do”.
“Don’t worry”, Sonic replied, grinning. “I will be”. Sonic then began to walk over to a tree, which Shadow was sitting under. He seemed to be distressed, with his eyes opening and closing sporadically. However, he then spotted Sonic.
“You”, he growled, cracking his knuckles. “I told you that I’d kill you if I saw you again, yet here you are”.
“Look man”, Sonic told him. “I just want to tal-“
“SAVE IT!” he shouted, jumping towards him and sucker punching him. Sonic fell to the ground, realizing that this wasn’t going to be easy.
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nulla, goddess of semi-automatics
she spoke slow and silent,
her tone the ash of all civilization
choking on its last forest.
"don't let them see you
blink, don't give them
an inch of ivy in your fortress.
promise me, child."
you nodded, solemn
as the horizon
blanketed by dusk
and distant gunfire.
your weeping
wasn't comforted.
you could smell the fumes
of cheap liquor set ablaze
as he exhaled, unrepentant
in the face of your garden.
"don't let them know
you're weak, don't give
those bastards the satisfaction
of leaving me.
promise me, mine."
you did not blink
as your palm struck his nose
full force, didn't blink
when they opened the door
to blood-soaked lace and
pooling mouth sputtering
a barrage of hate.
they looked at your face
for a sign of weakness
and found an icon,
glorious fire of heaven
radiating, staring.
your exit
wasn't confronted.
you trained the sights
of your rifle on trees marked red,
splintered bark with dark
"won't let them see me
blink, won't be caught unawares,
won't be weak."
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I have come to a decision. If a character is too difficult to write (such as the Guts vs Nightmare Death Battle), I will not be writing about him or her. If you really want to see the Death Battle Analysis for a character, go watch the episode for yourself (if one exists). Hope you understand.


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